The Spring Splendour Special (From R74,500 per night)

Enjoy up to 50% off at the private villas


Tucked between mountain, forest and sea, the Grootbos Private Villas are your gateway to experiencing the wonders of spring in secluded luxury. 

Step into this natural haven and discover the beauty of the Cape Floral Kingdom and the pristine coastline of Walker Bay with your dedicated Grootbos Villa team that is ready to host your every need. From private guides to personal chefs and wine stewards, your villa experience will be tailored to the needs of you and your loved ones. 

Embrace this beautiful season at the Grootbos Private Villas with our Spring Splendour Special.

**PLEASE NOTE: This special does not apply to group bookings consisting of 4 rooms or more.

Book your exclusive Grootbos Private Villa stay this spring and receive up to 50% off the normal rate and 50% off spa treatments.

Example itinerary of your Spring Splendour Experience

Day 1 - Overview

On arrival, be welcomed to your luxurious villa by your dedicated Grootbos Villa team. Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink while your personal chef prepares a delicious lunch. After lunch, join your private guide to discuss your upcoming Grootbos adventure. Whether you are in the mood for a relaxing spa treatment or an adventurous flower safari, your private guide is always available to help personalise your experiences. After an eventful afternoon wind down with a glass of award-winning wine selected from the Villa cellar with the help of your personal wine steward, while a delicious dinner is being prepared by your personal chef. 

The Experience

Day 2 - Overview

Enjoy a wholesome breakfast inside the luxury villa or outside on the deck, before gearing yourself up for a morning of adventure. Head out for a once-in-a-lifetime whale watching excursion with a professional marine biologist. The up-close encounters with a Southern Right Whale might be the highlight of your trip, but keep an eye out for other exciting marine life such as sharks, dolphins, seals and penguins. In the afternoon, embark on a horseback adventure through the reserve before ending your day with a world-class food and wine experience. 

The Experience

Day 3 - Overview

Explore the unique Cape Floral Kingdom on a revitalising flower safari through the reserve as you soak up the fresh air and natural beauty that surrounds you. During the trip, your personal guide will tell you facts about this rare flora in ways that will amaze and fascinate you. After a busy morning, relax with a full body massage in the comfort of your private villa. After lunch, head out on a coastal safari where you will learn about the ancient Klipgat caves and the intriguing history of the area. End your day with an atmospheric cellar dinner in the villa. 

The Experience

Day 4 - Overview

On the last morning, join your guide on an early morning walk through the magical Milkwood forest or head down to the Klein River in Stanford for a private cruise on the “Lady Stanford”. Afterwards, savour your last few moments at Grootbos with a delicious brunch at the villa. Once packed, it’s time to say goodbye with a heart filled with unforgettable Grootbos memories. 

The Experience

Spring Splendour Special Accommodation

Up to 50% Off the Normal Rate

Private Villas
From R74,500 pn (Up to 50% Off)

Private Villas

Experience luxury, privacy and stunning views paired with personalised service in our secluded villas overlooking Walker Bay and Grootbos' fynbos covered hills. Our two luxury villas (4 and 6 bedroom) offer state-of-the-art amenities, a private chef, butler and private guide. Indulge in superb culinary delights and immersive nature experience tailored to your desires.

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Garden Lodge
From R7,450 pppn (45% Off)

Garden Lodge

The spacious and elegant Garden Lodge with its floor-to-ceiling windows create a feeling of being connected with the pristine nature outside. Enjoy one of the best views in Africa from the luxurious lounge area and dine amongst some of South Africa’s finest wines in our brand-new wine cellar.

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Forest Lodge
From R7,450 pppn (45% Off)

Forest Lodge

Surrounded by an ancient milkwood forest on one side and fragrant fynbos on the other, Forest Lodge offers a relaxing and tranquil experience. The 16 spacious and exquisitely decorated suites provide the perfect retreat to connect with nature and loved ones while soaking up the stunning panoramic views.

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Your Stay at The Villa Includes


Enjoy a luxurious stay in our six-bedroom or four-bedroom Grootbos Private Villas. The villas are a perfect space for friend groups or family to make life-long memories.


Our Spring Splendour Special includes 50% off spa treatments. Enjoy a luxurious pamper session in the privacy of your villa, in our elegant treatment rooms, or even in the milkwood forest.


A private guide and vehicle for your entire stay, for guided adventures and transfers to and from activities.


A private chef is available to customise your food experience during your villa stay.


A wine steward will be on hand to help you pair some of the best local wines for every meal.


As part of your Grootbos Private Villa experience, a private chef is on hand, creating world-class meals, specifically for you and your guests.


All drinks including spirits, liqueurs and soft drinks (only French champagne and premium wines are for your account).


Horse riding on the reserve, for both experienced and non-experienced riders.


Guided walks including fynbos nature tours and Milkwood forest walks.


Nature, marine and coastal drives including visits to the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, De Kelders cliff and Klipgat Cave, as well as seasonal land-based whale watching.


Our region is famous for producing some of the world’s most exceptional wines. Enjoy an exclusive wine tasting at a renowned local wine estate with your private wine sommelier or guide.

Grootbos Experiences

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

The southernmost tip of Africa is a melting pot of diversity. It is known for being both, the ‘Serengeti of the Sea’, home to the Marine big 5 and the Cape Floral Region.With the dawn of Spring, this magical landscape transforms, putting it’s full splendour on display.Grootbos, a 5-star Premium luxury eco-reserve is expertly tucked into the gentle slopes above this abundant coastline and offers the perfect location to explore and discover all there is on offer with a dedicated guide at hand.

Luxury Accommodation

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve comes to life with the onset of Spring. Free standing suites uniquely positioned in the landscape, offer endless views and are the perfect place to witness this magical landscape in bloom from your private deck. The nearby exclusive Grootbos Villas are set apart and are ideal for multi-generational or group breakaways.Take the time to reconnect and enjoy quality time in complete privacy and tranquility this Spring.

The Grootbos Experience

Take the time to invigorate mind, body and soul with immersive nature experiences on Grootbos. Rediscover a zest for life, adventure and create those special memories. Southern Right Whales hug the coastline, hundreds of birds species flit amidst the fynbos and Cape Fur Seals rest on the rocky outcrop of Dyer Island. This natural eco-paradise is filled with remarkable treasures to explore. Whether it’s a fynbos flower safari, a private picnic feast on the reserve or exploring the bounty of the marine world below, this unique piece of nature holds innumerable secrets to discover. Don’t just visit, live it!

The Marine Big 5

At the southern tip of Africa, where the cold Atlantic and warmer Indian oceans converge, the waters teem with abundance. Southern Right Whales, Great White Sharks, Dolphins, Cape Fur Seals and Penguins all thrive in these waters, a ‘Serengeti of the Sea’. Grootbos overlooks this marine wonderland and is witness to the feeding and frolicking of this oceanic natural paradise, rarely encountered anywhere else in the world. Explore the unparalleled diversity of these remarkable waters this Spring and wonder at the miracle of this natural haven. All activities are accompanied by a Marine biologist on hand to share the fascinating science behind these remarkable ocean species.

The Cape Floral Kingdom

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve lies in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom. It is a World Heritage Site and acknowledged as the smallest yet most diverse of the world’s plant kingdoms. This extraordinary landscape comes to life with the onset of the splendour of Spring. Invigorate the senses with a Grootbos fynbos flower safari and explore the secret paradise of this magical landscape.Grootbos is committed to conserving this unique environment and hopes to share it’s passion for conserving this treasure with our surrounding communities and guests.

Conserving Our Future

Sustainability is at the very core of the Grootbos DNA. We conserve over 20 000 hectares of vulnerable landscape, home to countless rare and endangered plant, animal and bird species. Our work in our surrounding communities reaches over 10 000 lives each year through our various vocational training, youth sports for development, employability and entrepreneurship training programmes and initiatives. Share our passion for our sustainable journey with us and discover the innovative ways Grootbos conserves the critically endangered fynbos of the region and creates shared value with surrounding communities.


Food is life and the food philosophy at Grootbos embraces intimacy, sustainability, creativity and is destination dining at it’s very best. With an experienced chef team on hand, Grootbos menus draw inspiration from the rich biodiversity of the fynbos in full spring bloom and the fresh local seasonal produce the region has to offer. Enjoy these sumptuous creations in the privacy of our wine cellar, from the hillside hideaway setting of our restaurant with endless views into the horizon or in one of the best venues nature has to offer under a star-studded evening sky, in an ancient Milkwood forest.

Where Wine Meets Wilderness

The distinguished wines of the Overberg region are influenced by the elemental characteristics of the local terroir. Our local wine makers carefully craft award winning wines, celebrated and coveted by all. Inspired by this creative craft, Grootbos has curated a premium selection of local wines from the most exclusive wine auctions over the last decade.We delight in sharing our passion for wine with our guests with a guided wine tasting experience with our expert sommelier. We tailor tastings to our guests interests and palates and love to showcase the region’s unique interpretations of South African varietals.

The Gentle Giants of the Sea

Half of the world’s population of Southern Right Whales converge in the sanctuary of Walker Bay with the onset of Spring. They come to mate, calve and raise their young. These colossal, gentle giants of the sea have been hunted to the verge of extinction and it is a privilege to be in their presence. Whether from the coastal cliffs or with an aerial view by air, this encounter is not to be missed. Explore this awe-inspiring experience with us at Grootbos this ‘Spring Splendour’, as we celebrate all the natural wonders this phenomenal region offers.

An Ancient Milkwood Forest

Grootbos is a protected sanctuary for three, ancient White Milkwood forests over 800 years old. With the warmer days of Spring, the forests transform into an oasis for birdlife, insects and small mammals foraging amongst the foliage. Explore the mysteries of these ancient forests with a dedicated guide and enjoy the peace and tranquility these forests bring.The sun dappled Milkwood forest is also home to our Forest spa, a perfect setting to melt the stress away.

Erica and the Bee

The Erica irregularis is a keystone fynbos species and is so exceptionally rare, that it is largely concentrated on the Grootbos Reserve.It flowers once a year and transforms the Spring hillsides into a vibrant glow of pink splendour. The blooming Erica creates a hive of activity for the Cape honey bee and this synergy produces a distinctive honey.This dark, golden liquid is used in our signature honey ice-cream and can be enjoyed in our fynbos honey treatment in our forest spa.

The Grootbos Landscapes

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, a rich botanical landscape of diverse ecosystems, a thriving diversity of life and home to the Marine big five.With the glow of warmth of Spring, the season of ‘new life’ has arrived on Grootbos. The hills erupt in a blanket of pink blossoms, the dormant, delicate fynbos emerges in bright and bold colour and the Southern Right Whales frolic and breach in the bay below.This exclusive luxury location offers nature immersed activities ranging from our Grootbos fynbos flower safari, to bird watching with expert guides, to horse riding through the reserve.

The Beauty of Walkerbay

The secluded Walker Bay is framed by white washed dunes and the start of gentle fynbos hills below Grootbos.This rich coastline is home to ancient caves, picture perfect beaches and tidal rockpools pulsating with a myriad of scuttling creatures. Spring heralds a time of warmer weather and waters and marks the arrival of the Southern Right Whales and a host of Pelagic birds. They all arrive to feast and calve in the sanctuary of Walker Bay. Discover and explore this remarkable marine wonderland of Walker Bay with us this Spring with immersive experiences in this natural wonderland. Guided activities in the fynbos, coastline or on the ocean are an invigorating experience reaffirming the splendour of nature this Spring.

The Great White Shark

The Walker Bay region is home to the most accessible of the Great White Shark colonies in the world. This fascinating apex marine predator can grow to over 6 meters in length and live to over 70 years. Our partner Marine Dynamics will ensure a fascinating shark experience. Take the time to learn more about these fascinating and misunderstood creatures with a life-changing marine adventure this ‘Spring Splendour’.


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En-route to Grootbos

We may be an unforgettable destination but the journey here is an experience in its own right.  Marvel at dramatic unspoilt views, stop in at some unique attractions and absorb all the exquisite natural beauty that surrounds you.


Grootbos invites you to experience our country's most precious floral biome and marine wilderness like never before. Enjoy unique guided experiences while being treated to five-star luxury at our lodges and villas. We offer South African residents an exclusive discounted rate and additional benefits.