Create unforgettable memories by enjoying uniquely African encounters.

Experiences and activities

Whether you have a passion for land, sea or air, we have an experience that’s made for you.

A wide variety of exclusive experiences await

If you’re looking for extreme sports, look no further than the thrills offered by Africa’s vast skies and open seas. If you’re more inclined towards quieter, more meditative experiences, our breathtaking natural encounters are just what you’re looking for. Because our offerings are tailored to every personality and individual taste.

  • Private sunset picnic on the beach
  • Guided botanical hikes
  • Private wine tours with our wine steward
  • Daytrip to Southernmost tip of Africa

Quiet times with those closest to you

Treasure your time with those you love in the private, intimate surroundings of our magical natural environment. Exclusive use of all amenities means you and your loved ones are free to spend every moment as you wish.

World-class service on standby at all times

Enjoy the convenience and discretion of private drivers, guides and vehicles at your fingertips. Dedicated professionals are on standby and ready to host you at any time.

Thrilling activities for young and old

Experience our range of activities at your leisure, where and when the mood takes you. With such a wide range of offerings, you can be sure there will be something for every member of your party.

Featured Experiences

Shark Cage Diving

Nothing can compare to the thrill of coming face-to-face with the ocean’s fiercest predators. There’s something primal about this kind of encounter, and you are bound to remember it always.

  • Suitable for young and old
  • Wetsuits and all equipment included
  • Safe, secure cage
  • Opportunities to also see seals, dolphins and other marine animals
Shark Cage Diving

Whale Watching

This is one of our more meditative experiences, and indeed one of our most awe-inspiring. Share the seas with these majestic creatures in their beautiful natural habitat.

  • Trips available from air or sea
  • Southern right whale sightings between June and December
  • Convenient proximity to Grootbos
  • Direct access to the famed Walker Bay
Whale Watching

Scenic Flights

Seeing Africa from the air will give you a thrilling perspective that many never get to see. Enjoy the rugged coastline from a bird’s eye view and breathe the fresh air of the open skies.

  • Discreet private airstrip
  • Highly experienced pilots
  • Small, dedicated planes
  • Tours tailored to include Table Mountain and Cape Point
Scenic Flights

Living the Future Tour

This tour invites you to experience the philosophy behind everything we do at Grootbos. See first-hand how our various projects are changing lives and nurturing our natural surroundings.

  • A visit to our horticulture and life skills college
  • Visits to sustainable business sites
  • A demonstration of how our recycled products are made
  • Engagement sessions with local communities
Living the Future Tour

Botanical 4x4 Tour

The 907 recorded plant species in our 3500 hectares of pristine wilderness will bring the fascinating story of fynbos and forest to life as you touch, smell and see the natural miracles that surround you:

  • Learn how native inhabitants have used fynbos for centuries.
  • Enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin on this sensory adventure
  • Six completely new species never discovered by science before
Botanical 4x4 Tour

Private Wine Tours

Our region is famous for producing some of the world’s most exceptional wines. Enjoy private tastings of the wines themselves, as well as the stunning environments that gave birth to them.

  • Trips to magnificent local wine farms
  • Meetings with local winemakers
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable guide
  • A vast selection of fine wines for tasting and purchase
Shark Cage Diving
Whale Watching
Scenic Flights
Living the Future Tour
Botanical 4x4 Tour
Private Wine Tours

The Grootbos Florilegium

FLORILEGIUM (flôrəˈlējēəm).
A collection of illustrations featuring plants from a specific garden or region.

Where Nature Meets Art

Discover the Grootbos Florilegium, a unique collection of botanical illustrations by a collaboration of local and international artists. The collection depicts the rare, endangered and charismatic plants found on the Grootbos reserve and surrounding regions. What makes these artworks even more distinctive is the inclusion of insects, pollinators and other creatures associated with the flora.

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