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 (flôrəˈlējēəm), n. a collection of illustrations featuring plants from a specific garden or region.

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A 25-year legacy. A vision for the future.

The Grootbos Florilegium is a culmination of efforts to document, conserve and protect the Cape Floral Kingdom. Grootbos has always been committed to the preservation of the region’s rare, endemic and endangered plants. Now, art has been chosen as a vehicle to instill a passion for South Africa’s botanical heritage.

This collection of beautiful, distinctive botanical art pieces is intended to reach a broader audience by engaging people on an emotional level, and inspiring them to become ambassadors for conserving and promoting the Cape Floral Kingdom and the majesty of the Cape fynbos.

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Our Artists

Over 40 highly acclaimed and celebrated artists have contributed botanical art pieces to the Grootbos Florilegium. While many are South African, the collaboration also includes artists from Reunion, Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom who committed their talents to the project.

The collection comprises over 124 original art pieces and each artist’s work represents a unique perspective on the breathtaking Cape fynbos.

Precision, patience, process

The work of botanical artists demands a deep understanding of each plant’s unique anatomical structure. Artists utilise the finest of technical drawing skills as they work from live specimens.

Botanical artists might work in quality watercolour or gouache, graphite or coloured pencil. They ensure the longevity of their work by using archival, fade-resistant materials and acid-free hot-pressed watercolour paper. Fine sable brushes enable the artists to capture the most intricate details.