Candice Bresler - The Gorgeous Gourmet

Candice Bresler is a vanilla-obsessed eater, baker and cook. Living in a beautiful little corner of Cape Town, she documents her adventures in and out of the kitchen with Grootbos and in her own little corner of cyberspace.

Her love for food began when she was a little girl of four, with wild curls and a plastic striped clown apron, helping her mom in the kitchen, pretending to stir when in reality she was just licking the bowl. 

Years later she graduated from UCT and longed to escape Cape Town and discover what treats were to be found elsewhere – deciding to live in the French Alps for a year, immersing herself in the local cuisine  while working in the hospitality industry there.

On her return to South Africa, she managed a 5* guest house in the coastal village of Knysna – which allowed her to explore her creativity in the kitchen, through cooking 3-course dinners for guests, and executing all catering.

Knowing a soufflé from a sauté, macaroon from macaron, she appreciates the experience of dining well – reviewing restaurants and appearing on a number of TV shows -  but she is truly a farm girl at heart : dreaming of long wooden tables, home-grown vegetables, wet nosed cows and wellington boots at the front door.

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Blog Posts by Candice


The Culinary Makeover

Posted under Food and Wine Blog on 23rd May 2014
The food at Grootbos has undergone some changes with new head chef Ben Conradie. Candice Bresler eats her way through the changes and shares her thoughts.

The 2 Hour Scenic Drive

Posted under Travel Blog on 27th November 2013
Grootbos is only 2 hours from Cape Town and a scenic drive at that! Whether you decide to take the N2 or Whale Coast Route there is ample beauty to take in during your route to a luxurious holiday.

Grootbos' Culinary Journey

Posted under Food and Wine Blog on 19th November 2013
Candice Bresler takes us on a journey to discover the meaning of food and the art of indulgence.

Selected Recipe: A Quick and Easy Version of Moules Marinieres

Posted under Food and Wine Blog on 11th October 2013
Candice Bresler takes us ever closer to the ocean with this supremely delicious and mouth-watering dish of Mussels in a white wine and cream sauce, served with a baguette.

Celebrating at Grootbos

Posted under Travel Blog on 2nd October 2013
Candice Bresler celebrated her birthday at Grootbos. From champagne to a decadent chocolate mousse cake, she tells us what it's like celebrating at Grootbos.

Spring Time Adventures

Posted under Travel Blog on 9th September 2013
Would a Grootbos Cave Tour mean perilous scaling of vertical rocks? Stalactites that could drop on me at any moment? I was more than a little hesitant, but as winter seemed to be waving the last of its goodbyes, I was determined to be the brave wife and find out...

Selected Recipe: Tomato and Chilli Jam

Posted under Food and Wine Blog on 20th August 2013
I was so excited to garner a little 'green' knowledge from Growing the Future and pick up a few tips (and plants) to bring home with us.

Selected Recipe - Beetroot Tart Tatin with Thyme Strawberries and Goat's Cheese Cream

Posted under Food and Wine Blog on 2nd August 2013
Since I view most things with an 'edible eye' I wanted to try and translate these colours into a dish. Knowing that the scenery would far outdo any attempt of mine, I tried to keep it simple - a Beetroot Tart Tatin with Thyme Strawberries and Goat?s Cheese Cream.

Winter Wonderland - Free time has never been so luxurious

Posted under Travel Blog on 22nd July 2013
The concept of free time is a strange thing. We rush out of work at 17h00 looking forward to a relaxing evening, perhaps an early night but between drinks invitations and dinner with the family, life does not stop. Sure, it is not work, but then it is not really free time when every minute of it is still planned.

Green Futures Participates in Flower Show

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog on 10th July 2012
During the recent 'Fees van die Ganse' which was held in Gansbaai recently, the Green Futures team were asked to set up an alien vegetation display.