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Dawn is a natural born traveller with more than a decade's experience designing dream holidays and taking many herself as The Incidental Tourist. She shares her experiences, photographs and anecdotes with others afflicted by the gift of wanderlust.

Based between Cape Town and a small farm in the Cape Winelands, from which the family distills, Dawn cherishes both local and international travel. Always with a trip in her future to look forward to. A beauty seeker and lover of nature, her focus moves towards conservation and the creatures of the earth, specifically those water based.  Dawn lives with the hope that she can make a difference. Her passion is for family and friends, good food and bubbly, discoveries old and new. She writes restaurant and accommodation reviews, campaigns for causes she believes in, and lives her life with an enormous amount of gratitude and enthusiasm.
In her spare time its long walks with her dogs, fencing and yoga. She loves full moons and big skies. Music and art. The ocean and the bush. And believes that we all deserve true happiness. Also that travel really matters.
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Blog Posts by Dawn


Stepping into Nature

Posted under Travel Blog on 6th October 2014
Dawn Jorgensen takes us on a walking tour through the Grootbos Reserve with a keen eye and new knowledge of nature.

Adventure Series - Horseback vs. Horsepower

Posted under Travel Blog on 11th April 2014
Dawn takes us on her adventure series as she tests the power of both horse and quad bike. Find out whether these activities quenched her adventurous appetite.

Falling in want with Garden Lodge

Posted under Family Blog on 7th April 2014
Dawn Jorgensen tells the tale of why she has fallen in want with Garden Lodge.

Bee Whisperer in the Making

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog on 6th November 2013
Dawn Jorgensen takes on an insightful journey into the art of acquiring honey and how we should treat bees with a new-found respect.

De Kelders and its Coastal Cave Dwellers

Posted under Travel Blog on 16th August 2013
Reflecting on what life was like for early man that sheltered here. No bubbly, yet fire, warmth, comfort and conversation. I could almost hear them storytelling in their unique language.

My kind of wonderland, 4x4 flower safari.

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog on 8th August 2013
An invitation to return to Grootbos should be embroidered in freshly woven silk and hand delivered by the gods. Such is it?s bearing and worth as it promises a return to warmth and luxury, beautifully crafted meals, fresh sea air, magical milkwood forests and whale watching. Which is exactly what was on offer during my recent visit.