Celebrate Freedom Day at Grootbos...

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 27th April 2012

Celebrate Freedom Day at Grootbos . . . where nature teaches you what FREEDOM truly means!

Every day should be Freedom Day . . . that inner attitude towards life and celebrating the freedom to choose one's own destiny and mechanisms to handle life's ups and downs. Choosing peril or pleasure? Happiness or haplessness? The old adage holds that attitude and gratitude, more than anything else, truly determine the altitudeof one's aptitude . . . and that's the one thing that we all have in equal abundance - the freedom to choose our attitude and actions and thus reaping the fruit of our own (free) choices.

At Grootbos we have learnt from nature that even the most insignificant plant, bird, animal or insect species intuitively knows life is too short and fragile to waste time pondering over losses and mishaps. They all greet a new day with unbridled zeal and verve as though it is their last. No matter what nature throws at them - summer, winter, blizzards or bliss - they choose joyful exuberance despite misfortune . . . and that's what sets them free! At Grootbos we can offer you the freedom of silken skies tufted with wispy clouds where over 250 bird species soar and sky-dive. We have majestic mountain ranges fringing an epic coastline where you can freely stroll, swim, horse-ride, hike or bike in nature's bounty. We have boats and a plane to take you on joyrides to see our exquisite coastline and ocean, teeming with remarkable creatures. Our rare fynbos and Milkwood forests will enchant you with their welcoming fragrances and blooming beauty in any kind of weather . . . Come celebrate your freedom on 27 April in 5-star luxury with connoisseur cuisine . . . and learn from nature what freedom truly means!

True freedom can probably best be described like this:

"Two prisoners look out from behind prison bars. The one see mud, the other . . . stars!"

To celebrate Freedom Day, we dedicate this song to you, because a song says it best!

"Born Free" is a popular song with music by John Barry, and lyrics by Don Black. It was written for the 1966 film of the same name and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

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