Arbor Week at Green Futures

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 6th September 2011

Arbor Week (derived from Latin ‘arbor’, meaning tree) is an international initiative that aims to encourage individuals all over the world to plant and care for trees.

The students and staff at Green Futures decided that this year they were also going to celebrate Arbor Week and plant some trees. Each was allowed to chose a tree, a species of their choice, that they would plant in Masikane. The students were especially excited as this was a chance to make their own community more beautiful.

Arriving at Masikane everybody was very excited and curious about where everyone would plant their trees. Cilena and Sicelo, two of our permanent staff, planted their trees outside of Sicelo’s sister’s house. Sicelo planted a Brachylaena discolour and Cilena planted a Buddleija salvifolia.

The students chose to plant all over the community. Some planted at their own homes, at their friends or family and even at the playschool for kids. Luyanda, Laurence, Sizwe and Samkelo planted their trees outside of their own homes where family and neighbours can enjoy. Zimasa and Zubule planted their trees outside a Playschool where shade is really needed. Velile and Annita’s trees were planted at a friend’s house so it can grow and stand as testament to their friendship. Lindelany planted a tree outside his brother’s house and Slima outside his sister’s house.

We really hope that these trees will make a difference and bring many many years of happiness to all the families and friends in Masikane.

See video below

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