Arniston Landscaping

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 2nd June 2011

We had a very short week before the Easter weekend and lots of work to complete before our well deserved break!

Before the holiday started, Green Futures had to do a garden in Arniston! We took all of our Growing the Future ladies to help. We needed all of the help that we could get! We finished the garden in two days time! This was a fun garden (i.e. easy in comparison to some of our other jobs!) and we did A LOT of planting! We're very proud of the result!

When we got home we watered our veggies gardens before going on holiday!

In the words of some of our students:


To go to Arniston was nice to me because I experienced a lot there. I really enjoyed it because everyone had a good attitude and we also had a nice lunch! I also enjoyed working with the Growing the Future ladies and without any doubt, the garden we've made there is very beautiful! I want to visit there one day and see our garden. It was such a wonderful place! I wish we could continue doing such a good job as we've done in Arniston! I thank the Growing the Future Ladies for their help and bringing encouragement to us that shows that we have a good friendship!


While we were in Arisoton I saw that the garden was sand and didn't realize how it would look after we have finsihed. As Sean placed the plants, I noticed that with plants you can make a lot of difference to your home and he was explaining why he put which plant to which place and learn more about the students and their behavior. While we were not all at class, it was quite fun and I enjoyed each and every moment that we were there. While there was lots of work waiting for us and I learnt that if we work as a team we can do more!


My experience in Arniston was that the Garden was not as big as Bredasdorp! I enjoyed myself and had a good time! We worked nicely there with Growing the Future. It was very nice to work as a group and to work with the plants! I enjoyed everything (the food, the place we stayed in) and working. It was a very nice job!

Well done everyone! Thanks for your hard work and sacrifices! We really appreciate it!

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