Stanford Community Vegetable Garden

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 17th March 2011

The Growing the Future students spent a year learning their vegetable farming skills. After graduation, the Growing The Future team continues to assist the students on their road forward. In order to achieve this, we have partnered with a new organisation in Stanford called 'Pakama'.

'Pakama' is all about assisting individuals with potential but without the means to start up their own vegetable gardens on vacant land in Stanford. The idea is that once the students of Growing the Future have finished their course, they can join Pakama and start their own gardens to earn a living. One garden is already up and running and the Growing the Future students are assisting in the development of a second vegetable garden. More land is available and as funding permits, the additional gardens will also be developed. We look forward to seeing the project grow and prosper!

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