Growing the Future Students visit Abalimi Bezekhaya

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 9th February 2011

The Growing The Future students recently had the opportunity to visit the operations of "Abalimi Bezekhaya" in Cape Town. We visited a community garden in Nyanga, where women from the township produce vegetables to generate an income for themselves. Beautiful brinjals, tomatoes, onions, carrots and basil, to name but a few, could be seen in the garden!

After the community garden visit, we went to the pack shed of "Harvest of Hope" in Philippi. The vegetables which are produced here by twenty such community gardens are sorted, washed and packed in individual boxes. Individuals can participate in the project by ordering such a vegetable box on a weekly basis. "Harvest of Hope" collects the produce from the gardens and distributes it to collection points in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

We then visited a garden centre of Abalimi in Nyanga. Individuals interested in vegetable production can get information here about vegetable gardening. People from the townships can also become a member of Abalimi for a nominal fee. They then receive a starter pack which contains seed and seedlings to start their own garden at home. "Abalimi Bezekhaya" attempts to alleviate poverty and create self employment through micro-farming initiatives. Their focus is on skills development through training and supporting people and organizations who wish to practice organic micro-farming. All in all, we had a very interesting day and the students learned a lot!

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