Dibanisa Lesson 2: Green Futures

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 7th August 2012

Last week's lesson took place at Green Futures on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Due to the lovely sunny day, Susan took us for a walk through the veld to show us the amazing fynbos as well as the elements which we find in fynbos.

Our first stop was to look at the Erica irregularis which is in full flower at the moment. This Erica, also known as the Gansbaai Erica, occurs within a 5km area, of which 80% of the population occurs on Grootbos. The Erica was the first element which forms part of the fynbos biome.

Our second stop was to look at the second group of plants which make up fynbos – the restios.

We also spotted an intruder... the rooikrans! Susan compared the rooikrans to a thief, which sneaks into your house to take your stuff and told the kids that these plants also called aliens, do the same thing with our indigenous plants by stealing their resources.

On our walk, Susan also showed the kids the clever design of the Salvia africana! This flower has a clever design whereby the bird has to collect sugar at the bottom of the flower, picking up pollen from the one flower and which is then transferred to the pollen to the next flower.

Our last stop was to look at the Protea, which is the last of the plants which you have to have in order to have fynbos.

Our next activity took place at Green Futures, where Sharlene showed the children how to transplant a plant. Each child got to plant their own plant which they can either plant at home or their school.

Our last activity was to make a bookmark. The children each got a page with plants and animals that occur in Fynbos and they were they could then choose which of the pictures they wanted to colour in and use.

Thanks to Susan and Sharlene for hosting the kids and the volunteers for assisting. We look forward to visiting the Dyer Island Conservation Trust on Wednesday!

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