Dibanisa Lesson 3.5: Marine Big 5

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 14th August 2012

Our Dibanisa group visited the Dyer Island Conservation Trust last week to learn more about the Marine Big 5. The group were treated to hotdogs and cooldrink. Nikki Chapman started the lesson by telling the kids more about food chains, asking the kids what would happen if one of the elements were to be removed.

Nikki then went on to tell the kids more about what makes our ocean so special. She told them that many people visit South Africa to see the Big 5 (elephant, rhino, buffalo, lions and buffalo), but that we also have a Marine Big 5, which is made up sharks, whales, dolphins, penguins and seals.

She told the kids that the reason for this incredible biodiversity is as a result of the mixing of the warm Benguela and cold Agulhas currents and that it happens nowhere else on earth. She told the kids more about each of the various animals which make up the Marine Big 5.

She also told the kids about Geyser Rock and that due to the fact that humans have been taking the guano off the island, that the penguins have become endangered and that DICT puts down penguin nests in order to protect the penguins and to create a suitable breeding habitat. She also told the kids more about the dangers of pollution, encouraging them to throw away their rubbish.

Everyone then participated in the completion of a quiz. Correct answers were rewarded with prizes!We look forward to our next visit to the Dyer Island Conservation Trust when we will be doing a beach clean-up. Thank you to everyone at DICT for hosting us and looking after us so well!

Our next lesson is taking place at Growing the Future, where we will learn more about sustainability.

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