Dibanisa Lesson 6: Beach Clean-up

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 13th September 2011

Last week, the Dibanisa kids joined Brenda Walters and the team from the Dyer Island Conservation Trust for a beach clean-up! We met Brenda at the Great White House where she briefed the kids about the clean-up. The kids were divided into groups, received a glove and two bags and a sheet to record their findings on. The rubbish that they would collect would be divided into items that could be recycled and items that could not be recycled. Brenda showed the kids some pictures to demonstrate the effect of pollution on our marine wild life.



We then walked down to Kleinbaai harbour where Brenda showed us the special fishing line bins that have been placed along the coast to encourage fishermen to dispose of or recycle their fishing line.



The various teams split up and were assisted by the DICT and Football Foundation volunteers. The beach clean-up took place from the Kleinbaai harbour to the tidal pool. The teams met up and the bags were weighed to determine the winners!



The kids were then treated to hotdogs and colddrink at the Great White House!



We would like to thank Brenda, all of the volunteers and our special guests Michelle, Matthew and Emma for their assistance!


We are looking forward to our camp at the end of the week!

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