Dibanisa Lessons 2

Posted under Eco-Tourism Blog by Grootbos on 30th October 2012

Due to the fact that we had lots of rain during the previous week, our second Dibanisa lesson was postponed to last Wednesday. We also had our Marine Big 5 lesson last Friday! Here is a summary of what happened:


Due to the heavy rains which fell on the previous Friday, this lesson was delayed to this past Wednesday. The lesson took place at the Okkie Smuts Primary School. Susan, Sharlene and their Green Futures students had a special surprise in store for the Okkie Smuts kids!

Susan told the kids more about Fynbos and its main components: the Ericas, Restios and Proteas as well as the animals which occur in this vegetation type.

We then moved on to an area next to hostel which was bare. The students from Green Futures had begun to prepare the bed for the kids next activity!

Sharlene told the kids more about what plants need in order to survive and that they take up nutrients via their root systems and that that is how the plants ‘eat’. The students had set out some plants which the children then helped to plant. One of the boys was very proud of the 9 plants that he planted!

Once they were done, they joined Bulelani on the field for a game of soccer! The Green Futures students also joined in the fun and games!

Thank you to Susan, Sharlene, the Green Futures students, Bulelani and Sylvia for their participation!


Last week’s Dibanisa lesson took place at the Great White House where the kids learnt more about the Marine Big 5. The kids were welcomed with a hotdog and colddrink.

Michelle from the Dyer Island Conservation Trust had a diagram of a skeleton and asked the kids to create their very own seamonster!

Once they were finished, the kids had to name their monster and tell the group about their monster! Each table had to choose the best one from their group. This was put to vote and the best seamonster won a prize!!!!

Michelle showed the kids pictures of seamonsters which were created before we had more information about whales and then told the kids how to identify the different kinds of whales. Each child also received a booklet with activities about the Marine Big 5!

To end off the lesson, Michelle showed the kids movies of all of the Marine Big 5!

Once again, we would like to thank the Dyer Island Conservation Trust for their hospitality and finding new fun and excuting ways to teach the children more about the marine ecosystem! Thanks to our volunteers for their help and to Susan who transported the kids to the Great White House!

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