I love the time of the year between seasons!

Posted under Food and Wine Blog by Grootbos on 26th April 2011

I love the time of the year between seasons. The temperature hovers between 22 and 28 ÌŠC , the prevailing wind gusts are reduced to a gentle breeze and  the afternoon light shimmers golden over the surrounding landscape. As night falls, the sky transforms into a glistening blanket of stars. A perfect night for a Milkwood Forest dinner!

Preperations for the magical event take place throughout the day; the chefs have been readying themselves in the forest, preparing a gastronomic feast. Lanterns are cleverly hung from the highest branches of the trees and a roaring fire is lit just in case the Autumn chill decides to join the festivities. 

As guests are led onto the leaf-littered path, deeper into the forest, their anticipation mounts- unsure as to what lies ahead. They reach the enchanted dining area and gasp with delight- it’s a moment that all the staff enjoy.  It makes all the effort worthwhile and we know that we have helped to make a wonderful memory of our guests’ time in our magnificient country! 

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