A Forest Where Fantasies Are Real

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 28th November 2011

Hiking in Grootbos Nature Reserve is an escape into a never-never land of extraordinary beauty and bliss, guaranteed to psych up the most weary psyche and physique. The ancient Milkwood Forest, after which the reserve was named, hosts a secret world of magic and wonder in the heart of a fairytale landscape.

The reserve stretches over 2 500 hectares of indigenous fynbos and forests, dappled with exquisite wildflowers, along mountain slopes overlooking the sea. Mesmerising views of lush green foliage against a backdrop of pristine white beaches and endless ocean await one around every corner.

An abundance of rare animal and marine species add the final touch to nature's unsurpassed beauty. Exquisite endemic birds such as the Jackal Buzzard and Blue Crane cast shadows on Bietou and blombos fields, dotted with colourful displays of erica. The surrounding sea is the playground of the Marine Big Five - sharks, whales, dolphins, seals and penguins. During mating season, pods of Southern Right Whales claim these waters as their personal stage. Watching these giant mammals frolic in the surf whilst the sun sets over Walker Bay is an unforgettable experience.

The Grootbos reserve forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and boasts more than 750 fynbos species, including six ones new to science. More than 120 bird species, 21 mammal and 21 reptile species have also been recorded and new ones are discovered all the time.

Several trails and tracks provide for hiking, horse riding and 4x4 drives along the indigenous fynbos fields and Milkwood forest. The latter measures 23 hectares in total, making it one of the largest forests of its kind in the world. Some of these trees are an estimated 800 years old.

Come let our specialized guides accompany you through this fantasy forest where nature's secrets and wonders lie waiting at every turn.

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