The Fynbos is in Full Bloom to Welcome Warmer Days

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 23rd August 2013

The Reserve is Peeling off its Winter Cracked Skin. Getting Ready for Spring!

There is a natural beauty unfolding on the Reserve. Unlike most flora, fynbos is an adapted species that has come to flourish in adverse weather conditions. Come fire. Come rain. Come cold. Fynbos warms up corners of the Reserve with colour and unique floral forms

Now with the first gentle caresses of spring and dappled sunlight, we just had to share the breath-taking scenery that is on our doorstep. 

The Cape Floral Kingdom is one of the six floral kingdoms of the world. It is the smallest yet most diverse. Take a gudied hike to get an intricate perspective on the micro beauty lying at your feet. 

Two passionate men, Sean Privett and the late Heiner Lutzeyer, conducted a thorough vegetation study on Grootbos. It revealed an astounding 765 different species on Grootbos alone!

During their intensive study six plants were discovered - completely new to science. The Erica Irregularis is the poster child for Grootbos as it paints the hills a wash of purple and pink.

Milkwood forests are a rare natural feat. Their branches form a labyrinth of intertwined arms that cut out the rest of the world. The mystique is only enhanced by the fact that these trees can grow for up to a thousand years

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is is only two hours from Cape Town, yet a world away from reality.

Is there any other flora that is so astounding in so many ways?

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