Mothers day at Grootbos

Posted under Family Blog by Grootbos on 9th May 2012

Sunday is Mother's Day . . . a day dedicated to that special species who gave birth to us and moulded and scolded us into the person we are today. Let's face it, without Mother Earth, Mother Nature and mom, you would not be here today!

But how do you show your appreciation, love and affection for the first woman you ever laid eyes on? A mere Hallmark card with flowery words is so old hat. Taking her for lunch at a special restaurant can be so tedious and exhausting - especially if you have to brave heavy traffic, parking problems and overcrowded city malls. A bouquet of flowers and a box of her special chocolates will last - at most - a week or two . . .

We asked the mother of all - Mother Nature - what the ideal treat would be for the most significant of all human creatures . . . and VOILA!

The nestor of all female secrets advises a trip back to basics . . . to her roots in the bosom of nature's bounty.

At Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, mothers of all ages can sit back and enjoy:

  • Not a bouquet, but a whole reserve overflowing with blossoming flowers, fynbos and birds singing her praise from treetops;
  • Not tar roads and traffic, but various walking, hiking, 4x4 and horse-riding trails snaking through lush dew-kissed flower petals and Milkwood forests;
  • No petrol fumes and city noise, but crystalline, flower-scented mountain air and breathtaking views over mountains, ocean and beaches as far as the eye can see;
  • A kiddies paradise where rabbits, chickens, ponies, ducks and other cute animals eagerly await young children to pamper and play with them - giving mom and grandma a long and well-earned rest from parental duties;
  • A spacious pool area for refreshing cocktails, outdoor family fun and water sports;
  • A beauty Salon and Spa offering a number of relaxing treatments, manicures, pedicures and facials;
  • A 5-star restaurant and cocktail bar where the most delightful dishes, delicatessen and wines (from fresh local produce) are served in splendour and style in a natural environment of unsurpassed beauty . . . because nothing beats the inner and outer beauty of a mother and Mother Nature!

So . . . when you bring Mom and/or Grandma to Grootbos, you don't have to say anything at all . . .

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