Honeymoon the Princess and the Pea

05 October

The Princess and the Pea

Since I was little my favourite bedtime story was the Princess and the Pea. A fairytale of a princess who was so physically sensitive (which was apparently a sign of royalty) that she felt a pea through 20 mattresses and 20 feather-beds. This should have been the first sign of what I would specialise in. When I began working at Grootbos, one of my first projects I tackled was to acquire the most comfortable beds for the 5 star eco-resort. However, this story has little to do with discomfort from a pea and much more to do with sublime layers and luxurious finishes.

I believe in creating layers on a bed, it must be warm, cosy and so inviting that at first sight your impulse should be to instantly jump into that bed! At Grootbos, we have created that sought-after luxurious bed.

The first layer would be the bed wraps, which are not store-bought, run of the mill bed wraps. We searched high and low across the country to find the perfect fit, only to discover that our ideal solution was sitting right on our doorstep. The bed wraps are custom made for us in Gansbaai, which keeps us truly local.

The mattresses are Sealy Celebrity mattresses that make you feel like royalty, which is why they were chosen specifically for Grootbos. Of course there are no half measures when it comes to the mattress size and so our beds are super king size. The final layer is the topper, this must be made of superior quality as it is the cherry on top for the layers on the bed.

Our beds are not only made with love, but with 400 thread count luxurious Egyptian cotton linen and deluxe microfiber duvet inners.

For those of you who have always wondered what this means, the thread count is the amount of threads woven per square inch. Therefore, there are 400 threads per square inch with 200 in the warp and 200 in the weft. The idea is that the greater the thread count the greater the quality. Egyptian cotton is a natural fibre and is incredibly soft, making our beds something you want to spend more time in.

The mattresses make you feel like royalty

The final touch is the pillows. All of our beds are made with American size, extra long pillows for those who prefer to snuggle a pillow, and then of course the must have duck down feather pillow. Our special touch when it comes to the pillows is that they are made happy, a special technique of inserting the pillow into the pillow cover that fluffs it up to enable a good nights sleep for your precious head.

05 October

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