Best land based whale watching in the world

Posted under Marine Life Blog by Grootbos on 30th September 2011

The whales are in full swing and as always are ready, steady, GO for an action packed season of mating, mothering and magnificent manoeuvrings right on our ‘doorstep’. In the Walker Bay we have golden circle tickets, front row seats, and it just so happens the southern right whales are natural performers and deliver a thrilling six month show every year.

There has long been a friendly local dispute as to which coastal town in the Walker Bay has the true claim to the coveted ‘Best land based whale watching’ destination in the world. Hermanus has long enjoyed the fruits of international recognition and bulk of the fame as the best place to view the whales. However, if we were to ask residents from de Kelders and Gansbaai, one might get a response along the lines of “...the best thing about Hermanus is the view from Gansbaai!” followed by a good-humoured chuckle.

At the end of the day, regardless of which town is the ‘best’, we all agree that the southern right whales themselves have become as much of an icon and legend in the Walker Bay as a common friend to us all. For decades now people from all over the world have flocked to our coast just to catch a glimpse of this magnificent and gentle giant of the ocean.

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