7 Things We're Going to Miss About Winter at Grootbos

Posted under Travel Blog by Grootbos on 26th August 2013

Before We Bid Goodbye to Winter, Here are Some of the Things We Love

In South Africa winter is not popular. The nation's heart belongs to days filled with blue skies, hot days, cool breezes, the smell of smokey braais and running into the sea or up a mountain. In the northern part of the country people deal with that frigid chill-to-the-bone and an endless dry season, where in contrast, the Cape is a constant downpour with gale-force winds and sporadic cold fronts. The east coast is an envy to all with humid conditions and ocassional rain.

As winter is coming to an end and we get ready to welcome spring in the Cape, we thought we would reflect on some of the things we are going to miss about winter at Grootbos. Because if you look past the gloom, there are some things that just aren't the same in summer...

7 Things we're going to miss about winter at Grootbos:

1.) Cosy Fireplaces

That warm glow, crackle and dancing flames enduce a tranqulity and contentment that is hard to beat in the evening. It makes for perfect marshmallow toasting, sleepy conversation and warm drinks.

2.) Long Hot Baths

Nothing is better than warming up in a hot bath. It heats your frigid limbs until the combination of bubbles and the sound of raindrops leaves a content smile on your face. At Grootbos the baths have a large window that puts the whole valley on display. There is also a fuzzy robe and towel warmers to extend the contentment.

3.) Guilt-Free Sleep-In

Sleeping in on the weekend when the sun is shining is a guilt trip. You wake up feeling as if you have wasted the day. But enjoying a lazy morning during winter is more than acceptable, especially when you are snuggled in a king size canopy bed with a view of the severe weather conditions outside. What could be better?

4.) Red wine and Good Food

Warming yourself from the inside out with red wine and sizzling good food. The restaurants at Grootbos have a fireplace, windows with panoramic views and gourmet dishes to make the evening extra special.

5.) The Fuana and Flora that Come Alive

Although people seem to come alive during summer, nature has a different schedule for certain wonders. The Fynbos blooms in winter and turns the reserve into a myriad of colours.

The Southern Right Whales come to our shores to mate, calve and have some fun. The Great Whites become feisty during their winter hunting season. Watch this space!

6.) Those Views

The views in winter are exceptional. It may not be blue skies and sunny but there is a raw beauty that can be breath-taking. Standing on the coastline as the clouds create a humbling scene and the spray of the ocean erupts is just something else.

7.) Enjoying the chilly outdoors from indoors

There is nothing better than the wind howling and the rain pelting down while sitting all warm and snug with a cup of tea or glass of something stronger. Watching the grizzly weather from a place of comfort is a level of satisfaction on it own.

What else are you going to miss about winter?

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