Winter Wonderland - Free time has never been so luxurious

Posted under Travel Blog by Candice Bresler on 22nd July 2013

Escape to a Place where Time Stands Still

The concept of “free time” is a strange thing. We rush out of work at 17h00 looking forward to a relaxing evening, perhaps an early night – but between drinks invitations and dinner with the family, life doesn’t stop. Sure, it’s not “work”, but then it’s not really free time when every minute of it is still planned.
Herein lies one of the greatest wonders of Grootbos – the availability of time. Of course, there are sharks and whales to see, horses to ride, caves to explore – but also perhaps the greatest luxury of all – the opportunity to do as little as you wish.
I’m not suggesting a lazy weekend of slothfulness (but of course, this is also a wonderful option and often very much needed) but a weekend where you can relax in your private lounge. Read a book in front of the fireplace. Sip a cup of Earl Grey tea on the couch and simply admire the view. Experience the utter luxury of having nowhere else to be and nothing else to do.
Should you wish to leave your suite for dinner, take a little wander down to the wine cellar and enjoy a cosy candlelit feast, while the best vintages keep a watchful eye over your meal.  Complete privacy and the opportunity to spend quality time with your partner over an intimate and delicious 6-course dinner.  
Return to your suite, where a lit fireplace will greet you with a roaring fire. Sit awhile and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate before climbing between crisp cotton sheets, and bidding the world goodnight.
Wake up at your leisure and slide into a hot bath with a cup of tea before taking a stroll to breakfast. Catch a glimpse of the sunbirds between bites of fresh fruit and nuts before taking a wander to the spa. Lie down and lose yourself between leafy branches while professional hands help you get lost in thought. 
At Grootbos, you are exactly where you are meant to be. No need to rush or check your watch. Simply pour yourself some tea, pick up that book that you’ve been meaning to read and enjoy the view. Free time has never been so luxurious.

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Knowing a soufflé from a sauté, macaroon from macaron, she appreciates the experience of dining well – reviewing restaurants and appearing on a number of TV shows -  but she is truly a farm girl at heart : dreaming of long wooden tables, home-grown vegetables, wet nosed cows and wellington boots at the front door. Read more of Candice Grootbos blog posts, visit her at The Gorgeous Gourmet and follow her on Twitter @GorgeousBlog.

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