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A Celebration of Diversity

At the Southern Tip of Africa, two giants collide – the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. This epic convergence results in one of the richest and biologically diverse marine ecosystems on the planet.

Like the Serengeti of the Sea, creatures both fierce and friendly populate this pristine aquatic wilderness. From the Southern Right Whales of Walker Bay to the Great White Sharks of Gansbaai, the region presents its own unique version of the African safari.

But the land is not to be outdone by the ocean. The Cape Floral Kingdom, although the smallest of the world’s six kingdoms, boasts unmatched levels of diversity, with more than three times the floral species of the Amazon Jungle. Subjected to scorching summer sun, nutrient-poor soils and recurring veld fires, the Cape Flora known as Fynbos prospers defiantly in the face of natural adversity. Its delicate floral forms are contrasted by the gnarled and twisted branches of ancient Milkwood trees, gathered together in forests like congregations of the elders.

This ruggedly beautiful coastline still echoes with the voices of Stone Age people and lies scattered with the splintered shipwrecks of early day explorers, with solitary lighthouses erected like solemn monuments to their ambitious endeavors.

Grootbos is situated right in the heart of this dramatic destination and for more than 20 years has promoted its beauty, interpreted its stories and developed a suite of projects committed to the conservation of its exceptional biodiversity as well as the upliftment of local communities that are its custodians and beneficiaries.