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Atlantic Gems

As a guest at Grootbos, there are so many different ways to enjoy the beach. You can take a long, relaxing walk on a solitary shore; laze in the sun on the luxurious white sand; or explore the unique coastal ecosystem while looking out for frolicking whales.

Our guides know exactly where to take you for the best swimming, tanning, walking, whale watching, angling and several other oceanic experiences on offer. We’ll transport you to and from the beach and provide you with a picnic lunch and all the beach accessories you need to enjoy your day in the sun.

Grootbos also offers guided beach tours where you can learn about the unique intertidal ecosystem; the abundant marine life; the coastal vegetation; and the geological forces that gave this coast its dramatic form.

Life's a Beach

Let your worries slip away like the retreating tide while you enjoy the fresh sea air, the bright blue sky, the perfect sunset, the feeling of salt on your skin, the sand between your toes and the endless motion of the waves.