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In Rhythm with Nature

From a quick outing to an extended trail, the 2500-hectare Grootbos Reserve offers excellent opportunities for horse riding. Experience the beauty of the fynbos from horseback, surrounded by the flowers and birds unique to the mountains of the Southern Cape coast.

Grootbos has its own beautifully maintained stables with 18 healthy, relaxed and well-trained horses. Experienced guides lead our trails and cater for all levels of riding experience, from complete novices to expert riders. Ponies are also available for children.

Meandering along to the rhythm of your horse while enjoying panoramic views of mountain and sea make this a truly magical experience.

Beach Horse Riding

For experienced horse riders, Grootbos offers a three-hour beach-riding excursion to the Walker Bay Nature Reserve. A spectacular ride with trots and canters through the fynbos and a relaxing ramble through the dunes bringing you onto the beach where you can enjoy gallops along the waters edge with waves breaking on a sparkling shore and whales frolicking in the distance.