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When the Smoke Cleared

The 2006 fire on Grootbos not only destroyed Forest Lodge but also a large area of the ancient Milkwood forest behind the lodge. The fire struck at midday under extremely hot and dry conditions. Many magnificent specimens up to 800 years old were lost.

The Future Trees Project aims to rehabilitate this area as well as other forest areas on Grootbos that have been impacted by human activity. Early aerial photographs have provided a clear indication of changes to the forest edges as a result of human impact - primarily wood cutting and exotic tree invasion over the last eighty years. Appropriate indigenous trees (White Milkwood, White Stinkwood, Pock Ironwood and Wild Olive) have been propagated by the Green Futures students to be used for the rehabilitation of these areas. Since 2008 we have planted 2250 indigenous trees through the programme. In 2013 we planted 385 ¬ more than one a day, and in 2014 -2015 we added a further 461 indigenous trees!

Friends of the Forest

Visitors to Grootbos can support the rehabilitation of these ancient Milkwood forests as well as contribute to the work of the Foundation by getting their hands dirty and planting a tree.

As an organisation, family or individual one can make a contribution of R350 to the Foundation for a tree. This covers the cost of planting with compost and ongoing care of a 20-litre (5 year old) tree. The Foundation employs Green Futures graduate, Promise Hashibi, on a full time basis to care for the nearly 2000+ indigenous trees that have thus far been planted as part of the program.

When planting a tree you receive a tree planter’s certificate, a listing on the Tree Planters Page, and the location of your tree is recorded and mapped using a GPS so that you can find your tree the next time you visit Grootbos.

The Greener, the Better

By supporting the Future Trees project you are taking a step towards offsetting your carbon footprint (for example the carbon produced by your long-haul flight), combating global warming, replacing the trees that are cut down to support our lifestyles, and greening the world we live in.

The Future Trees project supports and collaborates with the Green Futures Nursery which supplies the trees we plant. In this way your donation is spread amongst the projects of the Grootbos Foundation.

Alien Vegatation

Over 6000 hectares of land were cleared and maintained In 2014-2015 as we broke the record by planting 461 indigenous trees. This success means that we will be able to replicate the project in ensuing years.