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Health, Wealth and Community Coherence

Situated on the Grootbos Nature Reserve is the self-sufficient, fully operational and solely organic Siyakhula farm. The farm, established in 2009 provides skills development in organic agriculture, sustainable animal husbandry and beekeeping to members from the local community, particularly women. Today the farm employs a full-time staff of six and is run as a commercial enterprise to provide an income for the foundation’s projects. 

More than Production and a Micro-Economy

All of the produce from the farm; vegetables, herbs, lettuces, fruit, eggs, honey and preserves are sold to the Grootbos lodges as party of an innovative micro-economy scheme. Not only does the farm provide skills development and food production, but it also functions as research and experimentation space for the larger food security projects, specifically the innovative ‘Green Box’ home garden system.

The Siyakhula programme runs many innovative and award winning projects, click on each project link below for more information:

Growing Human Futures

Siyakhula provides a consistent and tangible means of production, which contributes, largely to the sustainability of the eco-tourism core roots of the Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. It grows more than produce; it’s roots run deep into the rich communities of the Gansbaai area and its surrounds – providing commercial and social enterprise as a route of out stagnation. To see the success stories of the programme and its projects, click here.