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Health, Wealth and Community Coherence

Following the success of the Green Futures project, the Grootbos Foundation established the Growing the Future project, an Organic Food Production and Life Skills certification course that provides an annual training programme to 8 unemployed women from the Gansbaai area.

Growing the Future believes that urban food production can not only provide for the basic human right of access to adequate food, but also be a route to levering other outcomes such as: an income, a road to employment and enterprise, education and community coherence.

The course is fully subsidised – the students receiving transport, tools, uniforms and all their study materials, as well as a weekly stipend to cover their living costs.

Food for Thought

Besides the support the project receives from donations and sponsorship, a large portion of the produce is sold back to Grootbos, creating a beautifully symbiotic relationship. In fact, 100% of the herbs used in the kitchens of Grootbos are produced by Growing the Future. The project also supplies Grootbos with organic eggs, honey, pork and vegetables.

In this way, the project not only reduces its dependence on donor support but also teaches the students invaluable lessons in how to maintain and initiate a successful business relationship.

So simply by dining at Grootbos, not only are you getting the freshest, organic produce; you are supporting the upliftment of women from the local community. This is a point that truly sets the Grootbos dining experience apart – in both a culinary and ethical sense.

To visit this project, join Grootbos on a guided Social Responsibility Tour.