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02 November

Pristine Botanical Paradise

The 2500 hectare Grootbos Private Nature Reserve is a jewel in the crown of the Cape Floral Kingdom offering guests a complete immersion into the wondrous and magnificent world of fynbos.

The rolling hills, mountains and valleys of Grootbos are home to a wide variety of fynbos types as well as pockets of afromontane and ancient milkwood forests. The air is filled with the sweet, heady scent of seasonal flowers; the landscape sings with the sound of a million insects and birds; and the vast sky puts on an ever-changing display of colour and light.

An extensive fifteen-year survey of the fynbos at Grootbos has revealed a remarkable 765 plant species, 100 of which are endangered and 6 of which are completely new to science! Four of these new species are known to exist only within the confines of the reserve. This survey, possibly the longest of its kind, has resulted in the publication of a comprehensive Field Guide to the Flora of Grootbos and the Walker Bay region.

Four species are known to only exist on our reserve

Four species are known to only exist on our reserve

What's in a Name

The name Grootbos, an Afrikaans word meaning Big Forest, comes from the presence of the ancient indigenous and endangered Milkwood forests. Milkwood trees are known to live for more than 1000 years and their gnarled branches and mossy beards create an atmosphere of enchantment and mystique.

It is amongst these ancient forests that Grootbos has artfully laid out their exquisite 5-star accommodation offerings, with sweeping views across the fynbos plains towards the sparkling ocean in the distance.

Nature's Perfect Design

Every aspect of Grootbos has been designed to integrate and accentuate your experience of the pristine natural environment. In addition to the perfectly appointed luxury accommodation and facilities, there are numerous hiking trails and guided activities that will deepen your understanding and appreciation of this unique floral kingdom.

As the name suggests, it is when you take a closer look that the true magic and beauty of fynbos is revealed.

02 November
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