Wonderful Winter Warmer Special

09 April

A Winter to Remember

As the Northern hemisphere begins to enter summer, the Western Cape has been gradually swept into colder, rainier days. Streets have quieted and restaurants close early for a lack of patrons as people seem to be hibernating. The once summer sun-kissed faces now seek refuge in luxurious down duvets.

For this reason Grootbos is offering a Wonderful Winter Warmer Special (WWW – Special) that will end on 31 July.

The Special Offer:

  • 1 Hour Complementary Spa treatment of your choice
  • Stay 2 Nights and get 5% Off
  • Stay 3 Nights and get 10% Off
  • Stay 4 Nights and get 15% Off

What's Included?

  • 5-Star accommodation in a luxury free-standing suite
  • All meals, which are all fine dining including an exquisite 5-course dinner
  • Guided Flower Safaris and Walks
  • Guided Coastal Safaris
  • Horse Rides

At Grootbos, we divulge in comfort and luxury but we also believe there is no need to hide away as the natural world comes to life in winter. The rains feed the low lying fynbos until hills unfold intricate forms and unique beauty that can be found nowhere else in the world. The collision of the Atlantic and Indian oceans create a thriving marine ecosystem that is a wonder to behold.

Winter is a wonderland at the most Southern tip of Africa and at Grootbos we believe everyone should experience these phenomenons and explore the magic of traveling through their own rich back garden.

Besides the incredible special, here is a list of reasons to visit Grootbos during winter:

1. The Erica Irregularis is in Bloom

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve hosts a generous slice of the Cape Floral Kingdom's fortune, the reserve expands 2 500 hectares and is home to at least 765 different species. The most regal flower in this area is the Erica Irregularis, a rare heather beauty that can only be found between Stanford and Gansbaai, and nowhere else in the world. Grootbos' hills gradually turn from lush green to a sea of purple-pink, which of course means that the Cape honey bees are busy busy busy. The rare flower draws in the bees like a magnet, and subsequently our Growing the Future team harvests the most uniquely flavoured fynbos honey. The ericas show off their unique attributes exclusively during the winter months, and the best way to explore this botanical wonderland is on a guided flower safari.

the best way to explore this botanical wonderland is on a guided flower safari.​

the best way to explore this botanical wonderland is on a guided flower safari.​

2. Southern Right Whales are in Town

Winter marks the arrival of the Southern right whales as they take their holiday along the South African coastline after feeding in the frigid Antarctic for 6 months. Hundreds make the journey in order to mate and calve and have (what scientists can only determine as) fun. Stare in amazement as they breach, lobtail, spyhop and slap the waters with their enormous fins in a passionate display. Included in the WWW Special is a coastal walk along Walker Bay, which involves whale watching at amazing vantage points and soaking up the incredible knowledge from one of the guides. If the Southern right whales are taking their vacation, then so should you!

Enjoy whale watching by boat, airplane or from the coastline

Enjoy whale watching by boat, airplane or from the coastline

3. The Luxurious Suites are the Best Place to be in Winter

There really is no better place to be than in a luxurious suite that overlooks fynbos fields, ocean and mountains. While the view leaves you in awe the suite will offer only the best comfort with underfloor heating, a crackling fireplace, deluxe beds and 5 star treatment. As you finish your gourmet dinner, you can stroll to your suite where the beds will be turned, the fireplace lit and everything already warm and cosy for your arrival. There could be nothing better.

Each suite has its own fireplace

Each suite has its own fireplace

4. Great White Sharks are more Active

Shark cage diving is one of the rare opportunities people get to face one of the apex predators of the ocean in an exhilarating moment. Winter is the best time to shark cage dive for several reasons. Firstly, the water often has greater visibility and, surprisingly, the water is actually warmer in winter. This is also the time that sharks hunt around the island for seals so they are a lot more active and prone to propel their muscular bodies out of the water in a fearsome display. This is not included in the special, but Grootbos uses the very best shark cage diving tour operator to ensure you get only the best for your money.

Create unforgettable memories

Create unforgettable memories

09 April
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