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The Big 2 Town

Gansbaai is a small fishing town off the beaten track situated near the southernmost tip of Africa. It is a hidden gem in the Western Cape that people are slowly beginning to acknowledge for its diverse plant and animal life and astounding natural beauty. This area forms part of the Cape Floristic Region with a plethora of different flower species. However, people from across the globe come here for one main reason: to shark cage dive. What better place to stay in Gansbaai than at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, a luxurious five-star eco-lodge that offers a unique South African experience and proximity to this exciting town.

The town was dubbed the Big 2 Town because this stretch of coast hosts great white sharks and Southern right whales. The great white sharks have enticed all walks of life as many long for the thrill of a close encounter with these majestic animals. The colony of Cape fur seals on Dyer Island keep the great whites here all year round. As Grootbos provides only the best they have partnered with Marine Dynamics, a professional shark cage diving tour operator that excels in their professional conduct, has the only aluminium boat designed for shark cage diving and is constantly researching these mythical creatures for a greater understanding and conservation. There is a marine biologist on every trip to enlighten the giddy guests. What a way to get your heart pumping!

Whale season is from July to December as the Southern rights have been coming to Walker Bay Nature Reserve to mate and calve. This tradition continues with much gratitude of the locals as the whales have a friendly, inquisitive nature that has them playing and frolicking in the water. These gentle giants continue to elicit orchestrated gasps from their captivated audience as they twirl their fins and propel their colossal bodies out of the water. For an experience that will be etched in your memory as one of the most inspiring moments of your life, stay with Grootbos in luxury accommodation close to the best land-based whale watching spot in the world.

Accommodation in Gansbaai

Guests can remain in the seat of luxury surrounded by the tranquillity of nature. Each suite is nestled in the indigenous vegetation and the total seclusion can make you forget about the outside world. The lush suites are a sensory experience with a four-poster bed that will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, an en-suite bathroom, stylish lounge and private deck overlooking the sprawling view of the bountiful fynbos, mountains and undulating ocean.

When you eventually pull yourself out of your luxurious nest, you will find delicious gourmet food and ample activities to keep you entertained in this eco-paradise. There are guided tours that explore the colourful birds, diverse flowers, ancient caves, rare forests and the conservation efforts on the reserve. There is a forest spa embedded amongst the enchanting Milkwood forest that is a heavenly experience sure to make your body feel supple and new. For those that would like to venture out of the reserve and explore the small-scale fishing town it is only a stone’s throw away.

Big scale adventures, small town hospitality

Staying at Grootbos is the perfect way to take advantage of the quiet town that boasts only a handful of quaint shops and pubs, an incredible coastline and astonishing animals. There are a couple of quaint coffee shops that are perfectly positioned to soak up views of the Southern right whales frolicking in the water. Sip on a steaming cup of coffee with an endearing hospitality and a rare spectacle before you. This hospitality is carried throughout as each business transaction has a personal touch; from sitting down for a cappuccino to buying something from the supermarket you can expect warm smiles.

The locals are also happy to give you tips on the little gems of the area. The Klipgat hike is especially beautiful as you traverse through the fynbos along a pristine coastline with caves to explore. The end goal is Die Plaat, a long stretch of secluded beach that forms the base of the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, where you can sit down to a freshly-packed picnic. Avid horse riders can take a horseback ride along the beach, which is a one-of-a-kind experience as the horses have the space to reign free!

The combination of relaxing with the supreme interior comforts and being humbled by the sincere hospitality and raw beauty will have you departing content, rejuvenated and with unforgettable memories. Look no further for accommodation in Gansbaai than Grootbos.