Our Pick of the Best Winter Adventures for Families

Posted under Family Blog by Grootbos on 21st August 2013

Things To Do with Your Family During Winter

The winter months limit trips to the beach and swimming until fingers look like prunes, but it doesn't stop children's need for fun and adventure. Just because kids have to wear jerseys outside doesn't mean it deters their wanderlust and curiosity. What to do with all the energy is a dilemma that stumps many parents.

We have 2500 hectares filled with flowers and petite animals, 120 dedicated staff members and a beautiful location. Grootbos is spoilt for choices...even during winter!

This is a list of some of the favourite things we recommend for families to do during the chilly months:

1.) Take a 4x4 Flower Safari

The perfect time to feel the fresh air against your skin as you sit in one of our open-top Land Rovers and explore the natural terrain. The kids will feel like they are on a real adventure and we promise to keep them warm with blankets and a stop for Hot Chocolate.

2.) A Cave Tour

Find out how Stone Age people kept their families warm during winter with a trip to the De Kelders Caves. End the trip with a fun picture of a family silhouette. You just can't resist!

3.) Horse ride through the reserve or take a pony ride, which is ideal for our little guests.

Grootbos has stables on the premises with almost twenty well-groomed horses. Their shiny coats and docile nature are sure to steal hearts.

4.) Plant a Milkwood Tree

Get your hands dirty and help plant a Milkwood Tree. These rare and indigenous trees can live up to a thousand years! With the GPS coordinates and a certificate to show that you helped the environement, let your family tree flourish and mark your spot for centuries to come.

5.) Whale Watching

While everyone else hibernates on land the Southern right whales come out to play. Dubbed as the 'gentle giants of the Ocean' you can spot mother and calf playing non-stop around Walker Bay.

6.) Shark Cage Diving

Before your eyebrows shoot up and jaw drops, this adventure is actually suitable for the whole family! We partner with Marine Dynamics because they have the biggest and most reliable boat in the industry. Members can either jump into the aluminium cage for a close-up or stay on the top deck and watch the Great Whites swim below. The trip also takes you to Dyer Island where a colony of seals have made their home.

7.) Gathering around the Fireplace

Nothing beats sitting around the fireplace with the ones you love. To top it off, the twilight sky and the sway of the forest is the perfect lullaby.

What is your favourite thing to do with your family during winter?

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