Photo of the Day - Start the Day with a Hike through a Fynbos Valley

Posted under Fynbos and Flora Blog by Grootbos on 5th August 2013

Discover the Intricate Beauty of Fynbos on a Guided Hike

There are several pathways winding through the 2 500 hectare reserve that are perfect for an early morning walk. Guests can choose between taking a guided or self-guided hike as the trails are marked well. However, as you make your way through flowering valleys and ancient Milkwood forests a guide can share interesting facts and point out the delicate beauty of the area

Fynbos is a rare and endemic species with a colourful tale of how it survives the persistent Cape winds and winter downpours. Through the dedication of the late Heiner Lutzeyer and Sean Privett an astounding record of 765 different species have been discovered on Grootbos. Of this number, six were completely new to science and eighty-three of conservation concern. The poster child of this is the Erica Irregularis - it can only be found between Stanford and Grootbos and during winter it paints the reserve a sea of purple. 

Discover a botanical wonderland with Grootbos

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