INFOGRAPHIC - Great Danger for the Great White Shark

Posted under Marine Life Blog by Grootbos on 13th June 2013

Alarming Great White Shark Population Study

Great white shark an "endangered" species?

The Great White Shark is definately one of the most feared and misunderstodd predators known to man. It has been a global perception that the great white shark population is anywhere between 3000-5000. However, Marine Dynamics Shark Tours and Dyer Island Conservation Trust through a comprehensive five-year study conducted in our local waters have findings showing the population could actually be 50% less. This puts great whites closer to extinction than the black rhino…

In a recent Press Release the founder and chair of the Trustees of the DICT, Wilfred Chivell said:  

"Since 1991 when South Africa became the first country to protect Great White sharks, South Africa has been at the forefront of the study and conservation of the species.  Now, for the first time, we have scientific evidence that the threat is greater than was previously perceived.   At the Trust, we are contributing to the research urgently needed to allow effective, evidence-based conservation policies and interventions.  This requires the active support of government at home – who are mandated to protect this species - and form them to urgently develop their leadership in international conservation forums.  It is time for South Africa to take the initiative, because time is clearly not on the side of the great white shark."

Research Conducted by Marine Dynamics a Shark Cage Diving Operator in Gansbaai South Africa

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