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Set Your Own Pace

There is no better way to experience the incredible diversity of fauna and flora at Grootbos than by walking along one of our several well-marked trails. From an enchanting meander through the ancient Milkwood forests to an epic hike through the fynbos-clad mountains, there is a trail to suit every interest and fitness level.

You can choose between a guided or a self-guided walk. On a guided walk, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the amazing world of fynbos through entertaining and interactive explanations. The reserve is also perfectly safe and the trails are well marked out for self guided walks.

Float away on a sea of flowers, sunshine and bird song or request a guided hike to dive into the fascinating, secret world of the countless interdependent and highly adapted species.

As the sun makes its path across the sky and the seasons slowly change, the landscape is constantly transformed. Every pathway winding through the hills reveals a new surprise. The tranquillity and beauty of this pristine environment will calm your mind and soothe your soul.