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Food for Thought

"Our biggest compliment is the freshness of our food," claims Executive Chef Benjamin Conradie who makes a point of sourcing all of his ingredients as close to home as possible. 

In fact, 100% of the herbs used in the kitchens of Grootbos are grown by our very own Growing the Future project, a Food Production and Life Skills College established by the Grootbos Foundation.

Besides fresh herbs, the women of Growing the Future also produce organic eggs, honey, pork, vegetables and fruit – which are sold back to Grootbos, creating a beautifully symbiotic relationship. So simply by dining at Grootbos, not only are you getting the freshest, organic produce; you are supporting the upliftment of women from the local community. This is a point that truly sets the Grootbos dining experience apart – in both a culinary and ethical sense.

"There’s nothing nicer for a chef than being able to walk into a garden and pick his own fresh herbs. It’s so important to know where your food comes from. I enjoy being involved with my food. I’ve fed those pigs and chickens myself. I know how they’ve been treated. It makes a huge difference. The food just tastes better."

If you’d like to visit Growing the Future, join Grootbos on a guided Social Responsibility Tour.

Flapping Fresh

When it comes to fish, only the freshest, locally caught fish will do. All fish is bought directly from the Gansbaai and Hermanus Harbours - so while you enjoy the magnificent view of Walker Bay, your taste buds can enjoy its bounty.

However, when the Cape of Storms is at its peak and there is no fish available due to the weather, we have an exquisite back-up plan. There is a local rainbow trout farm called Langkloof Trout Farm in the neighbourhood that is forever reliable in supplying sustainably farmed freshwater fish. In this way we can guarantee that the fish on your plate is of the most superior quality in terms of freshness and taste.

Local is Lekker

The combination of fresh, locally sourced ingredients; homegrown organic produce and the culinary creativity of Chef Benjamin Conradie and his team is what sets the dining experience at Grootbos apart and makes it truly outstanding.