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Heartfelt Harvests and Warm Welcomes

Above and beyond being able to enjoy award-winning local wines at Grootbos, we offer our guests the opportunity to experience their very origin.

The area around the Southernmost Tip of Africa, situated roughly between the Cape Peninsula and the Garden Route, is known as the Overberg. This spectacular region boasts several ‘wine pockets’ each producing wines with their own distinctive character and expression of terroir.

Besides the incredibly rich diversity of soil types, it is the cool sea breeze and “champagne air” that truly sets the wines of the Overberg apart. This maritime climate allows for a longer, slower, richer ripening of grapes that make delicious, flavourful wines. Especially well suited to this region are the varietals pinot noir, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc with several cellars claiming five stars in the Platter’s Guide.

Although considered to be a little “off the beaten track” of the usual wine routes, it is this factor that makes the welcome so much warmer and more sincere.

Divine Indulgence

Join Grootbos on a guided wine tour to discover one or two of the local wine pockets and absorb the peace, tranquility and flavours of the Overberg countryside. What better way to get to know an area than by tasting its wine, its food and meeting its people?