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Vines at the End of the Earth

The Southernmost Tip of Africa holds many surprises for the adventurous traveler and the excellent wine being produced here is one of them.

Scattered about on the Agulhas Plain are new vineyards tended by passionate farmers whose roots are deep in the soil. The unique indigenous flora and fauna of the Agulhas coastal plains are as important as the soils they cultivate, resulting in the incorporation of the farms into the Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area initiative.

The slogan these pioneers adhere to is “real wine by real people” and the experience the traveler will have is a down to earth, warm welcome.

The harsh growing conditions have produced grapes of exceptional quality - the Agulhas Plain is swept by cool southerly winds in summer restricting canopy growth and encouraging slow ripening resulting in intense flavours. In winter icy winds chill the vines into dormant rest.

Sauvignon Blancs from this region have already claimed top ratings with their remarkable expression of terroir.

Take a leisurely trip to these southernmost vineyards in the continent, stop by at the historic mission station of Elim and soak up the culture and hospitality of the rural Overberg.