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A River Runs Through It

In the early 19th century, Sir Robert Stanford, a retired officer of the British army, bought the farm Kleine Riviers Valley and turned it into a highly successful enterprise, supplying fresh produce to the passing ships of the Cape.

This fertile valley is today the site of Stanford, a beautiful little village that has done well to preserve its architectural heritage and pastoral character.

In recent years several farmers recognized the potential of vineyards in the area and are now making wine with great success. From the rare limestone soils of Springfontein, producing excellent wines with characteristics similar to some wines of Champagne and parts of Burgundy; to the wide range of finely balanced wines grown along the rich banks of the Klein River and the shale hillsides of the Akkedis Valley at Raka and Robert Stanford Estate.

The diverse soil types and the proximity of the sea with its cooling maritime breezes are elements which produce great pinotages, shiraz, sauvignon blanc and chenin blanc.

Being a fairly new wine region with hands-on smaller-scale production, the wineries welcome visitors with warm country hospitality. The wine makers often conduct the tastings themselves, pausing their farm duties to enthusiastically present the fruits of their labour. A few keen garagistes in the village have also taken advantage of the fertile soil and large, rural erven to plant vineyards in their own backyards.

The Good Life

The Stanford Wine Tour can also be combined with a beer tasting of the delicious draughts at the Birkenhead Brewery, and a cheese tasting at the Kleinrivier Cheese Farm, a small family run cheesery, offering a range of exceptional, high quality, South African cheeses.

So for that wholesome country feeling, warm hospitality and farm fresh indulgence, the Stanford Wine Tour offers the perfect blend.