Grootbos Secret Season: Cave Tours & Mussel Foraging

03 July
Secret Season

Forage for mussels on the rocky coast and indulge in the freshest seafood cuisine...
Like the Secret Season has touched the sweeping fields of fynbos and invigorated the wildlife with a new bounce in their step, it reaches towards the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean cradled in Walker Bay. As the oceans have sculpted the landscapes through the ages, it also plays an important part in the history of the first people here as well as an intricate part in the Secret Season journey at Grootbos.

Are you ready for a journey back in time? Then join one of our guides and head chefs as they head down to De Kelders in the nearby town of Gansbaai. Met with breath-taking views over Walker Bay and Die Plaat Beach, you’ll soon make your way down to the Klipgat Caves. Once inside the caves, our knowledgeable guide will tell you all about the history of the caves and a little bit of insight into what the landscape looked like when the first people settled here.

Once geared with knowledge of ancient times, it’s time to head back towards the beach for some mussel foraging. The rock pools dotted along the way to the beach is also worth a visit. The tiny pools hold a myriad of sea creatures, from small fish to scurrying crabs to sea anemones. These natural pools give insight into what is to be found in the ocean beyond, and is also where we’ll find our desired prey. Each of the Grootbos Chefs and Guides have their prefered spot where they like to head when foraging for mussels and they’ll be happy to share it with you.

With a bag full of fresh mussels and a big gulp of crisp ocean air, it’s time to head back to the Reserve to prepare your freshly foraged dinner. Back at the Lodge, we head into the heart of the operation, the Grootbos Kitchens. Now is your chance to cook your favourite mussel dish with our Executive Chef and learn how to get it just right. Our chefs prefer to prepare a simple, yet delicious dish of Garlic Mussels (Mussels, Garlic, Celery, Fresh Cream and a dash of White Wine), but you can also opt for a Portuguese or Curry Mussel Pot - whatever tickles your fancy.

And now, after a day of exploring ancient caves, learning about the olden day landscapes and foraging along the beautiful coastline, it is time to sit down to a magical feast of the freshest ingredients chosen by hand and exquisite South African wines to complement it.

This is the Secret Season at Grootbos
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03 July
Secret Season
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Grootbos Foundation and global recognition

Grootbos is a world leader in sustainable tourism and has been awarded some of the highest international accolades possible, making us one of only a handful of lodges to achieve this.

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Grootbos invites you to experience our country's most precious floral biome and marine wilderness like never before. Enjoy unique guided experiences while being treated to five-star luxury at our lodges and villas.

Our Secret Season special offers South African residents an exclusive discounted rate and additional benefits. 

What's new at Grootbos - New Garden Lodge and Florilegium

The last year has been a busy one at Grootbos. We rebuilt our beloved Garden Lodge entirely and re-opened it in April 2022. We also officially launched the Grootbos Florilegium - Africa's first contemporary florilegium - which is a collection of botanical illustrations created by local and international artists, depicting the charismatic plants found on our reserve and the surrounding regions.

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