Grootbos Secret Season: Fynbos Discoveries

12 June
Secret Season

A rare time when nature parades in all her beauty. Immerse yourself in another world…

The first sign of something changing is almost tangible in the air. The fresh Autumn air gives way to a crispness and the early mornings and evenings are touched with a soft warm glow that grows into bright splashes of pink and oranges across the sky. And as it above, it changes below. As the Overberg settles into Winter, the landscapes burst into a flurry of colour and activity.

Mornings are met with the sound of chattering from our feathered friends and all of a sudden you are surrounded by a landscape shrouded in vibrant colour. Now is the time much of the famous endemic Fynbos of South Africa starts to bloom. The fields above the deep blue ocean seascapes turn into a canvas of deep greens and whimsical yellow, white and pink.

The pink crowns of the Proteas and unique Erica irregularis along with the soft white of the Blombos and sunshine yellow of the Bietou bush offers a beautiful sight while a rich and almost spicy smell of the fynbos fills the air. The sudden abundance of these peculiar plants also serve as an ideal source of food and shelter for the plumed residents of the area and makes this time a true delight for bird watching.

Subtly blended into the landscape you’ll find the luxurious Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Dedicated to preserving the plant- and wildlife of this treasured area, the 2500 hectares of the Reserve ensures that the species here are protected while being available for guests to experience and explore in a variety of ways.

Gear up for an educational 4x4 flower safari with one of our knowledgeable guides, saddle up for a horse ride through the fields or lace up your hiking boots for a self exploring walk or hike along the designated hiking trails and Milkwood Forest pathways. Let our professional guides introduce you to the interesting facts and fables of the various species of Proteaceae. Ericaceae, Restionaceae and Asteraceae families that make up this fascinating biome. Or if you prefer, grab your copy of Field Guide to the Flora of Grootbos and the Walker Bay Region (found in your suite) and head out to truly immerse yourself in another world and discover the unique species for yourself.

Here are some quick facts about Grootbos’ Fynbos:

  • Fynbos is one of the 6 biomes found in South Africa
  • The Fynbos biome consists of over 9000 different plant species
  • 795 of these species can be found on Grootbos Private Nature Reserve
  • 6 New species were found on the Reserve of which 4 are found nowhere else in the world
  • The beautiful pink Erica irregularis is only found in the Overberg between Gansbaai and Stanford (a large part of which is protected by Grootbos)
  • The King Protea (Protea cynaroides) is South Africa’s national flower
  • As the smallest biome, Fynbos holds a bigger diversity of plant species than the Amazon Forest for its size
  • Fire plays an important part in the life cycle of Fynbos as the heat opens the cones of Leucodendron and Proteaceae species which can then be germinated
  • The Cape Floral Region was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004
  • An extensive 15 year long survey was conducted on the Grootbos Reserve which resulted in the compilation of the Field Guide to the Flora of Grootbos and the Walker Bay Region

This is the Secret Season at Grootbos.

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12 June
Secret Season
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The last year has been a busy one at Grootbos. We rebuilt our beloved Garden Lodge entirely and re-opened it in April 2022. We also officially launched the Grootbos Florilegium - Africa's first contemporary florilegium - which is a collection of botanical illustrations created by local and international artists, depicting the charismatic plants found on our reserve and the surrounding regions.

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