'Bee' Amazed

Hive to Home

Explore the secret life inside the hive and see what the buzz is all about. Learn how black and yellow formations set out to collect nectar to create a unique, fynbos honey.

The Big Buzz

Suit up and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visit active beehives under the guidance of our experienced beekeeper and learn the important role bees play in our environment and how delicate their ecosystem is.

Look inside a beehive and bee amazed by the fractals in nature - the matrix of hexagonal cells. An insect society made up of individuals that come together to function as one. 

Return to the farm and see how natural honey is spun and the many uses it has to offer. Conclude the Hive to Home experience with a delicious honey-inspired breakfast under the ancient Milkwood trees.

  • Guided by experienced and passionate beekeeper 
  • Unique insight to the intricate and crucial role of bees
  • Taste delicious honey inspired teas and treats
  • Only during winter months 
  • All beekeeping gear provided
  • Own jar of honey to take home

From Our Expert Guides

Johan Strydom
"Learning the secrets of a beehive will make you look at nature from a sweeter perspective."


The Grootbos Honey experience is definitely something special. Going on the tour we learnt a lot, laughed a lot and enjoyed the most divine honey treats. 

Georgia Christian - South Africa

The bee experience was so insightful and interactive. Certainly a family favorite

Tom Howard - United Kingdom

We had a blast with the beekeeper and the picknick afterward was delicious. Its a completely different experience getting to know bees and their hive from up close

Alain De Jager - South Africa


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