4x4 Flower Safari

As the change of seasons rolls in, the hillsides paint a canvas of vibrant pinks. Set out on a 4x4 flower safari and reconnect with the wilderness. Wrap up in a warm blanket and let the crisp air kiss your cheeks as your expert guide tells you more about the most biodiverse floral kingdom of all - The Cape Floral Kingdom.

Magical Microcosms

They say if you find the stillness within, you can see a flower grow... Whether or not that is true, you will find yourself in a thriving world of plants on our 4x4 flower safari. 

With the richest temperate flora in the world and six completely new species to science, your time during the Secret Season at Grootbos will mean that you’ll never look at plants and flowers in quite the same way again.

Over 800 recorded plant species in over 2500 hectares of pristine wilderness bring the fascinating stories of fynbos and forests. Touch, smell and see the natural miracles that surround you: Learn how a sunbird’s beak is perfectly adapted to fit into certain flowers, why the single blossom honey our bees produce is completely unique and how important fires are for bringing forth new life.

  • Sip from a steaming mug of hot chocolate, as you watch the sunrise change from red to amber.
  • Learn how native inhabitants have used fynbos as culinary and medicinal ingredients for centuries.
  • Memories of a pink autumn to cherish for a lifetime.

From Our Expert Guides

Jo De Villiers
"The Secret Season is a magical time of year when the fields blush with beauty and abundance."

The Secret Season

The Secret Season is a special time of year when the Erica irregularis flowers. This rare gem of the Cape Floral Kingdom turns over a new leaf during the months of May to June, dressing transforming the landscape into a sea of pink.

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Secluded without being isolated, many amazing activities are included such as horse riding, 4x4 safari and nature walks.

Amanda M - Australia

Delightful, a must do! Proteas were growing and blooming in abundance all over the reserve. It was a wonderful experience.

Lorettam Boyers - United States

Magnificent, the fynbos and the wonderful array of birds is any birdwatchers paradise not to mention the flora.

Nicolette Bosch - South Africa

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Grootbos is set amidst the celebrated Overberg wine region. Discover and experience the award-winning wines of this region. Enjoy guided tours and tastings at renowned wine farms, experience food and wine pairings, and learn from our sommeliers about the wines they love and the stories behind them.

The Gentle Giants of the Sea

Each year, the months of June through to December, mark the return of the Southern Right Whales. Their playful lobbing, breaching and their charismatic presence brings everyone out to the shore edges. The Walker Bay coast below Grootbos offers an unrivalled opportunity to watch these majestic, giants of the deep.

An Ancient Milkwood Forest

Discover an enchanting 1000 year old Milkwood forest tucked away in the heart of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve. Experience a sanctuary of nature where the air is filled with the sweet, heady scent of seasonal flowers and the landscape sings with the sound of a million insects and birds.

Conserving Our Future

Conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom has always been our mission. This has helped Grootbos become an award-winning leader in sustainable tourism. Learn more about the 2500 hectares of land under our protection and our conservation efforts in the hub of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

The Cape Floral Kingdom

The Cape Floral Kingdom is a ‘biodiversity hotspot’ offering a unique floral landscape where endemic floral species, birds, insects and animals abound. The 800 recorded plant species in our 2500 hectares of pristine wilderness will bring the fascinating story of fynbos and forest to life as you touch, smell and see the natural miracles that surround you.


The Walker Bay region is home to the most accessible of the Great White Shark colonies in the world. This fascinating apex marine predator can grow to over 6 meters in length and live to over 70 years. Our partner Marine Dynamics will ensure a fascinating shark experience. Get your adrenalin pumping as you face these apex predators during a cage dive, or experience them from the comfort of their luxury boat.

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Sustainability accolades and global recognition

Grootbos is a world leader in sustainable tourism and has been awarded the highest international accolades possible, making us one of only a handful of lodges to do so.

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