Pristine coastline to explore

Coastal Safari

Time stops on our beaches. Whether you’re sinking your feet into untouched white sand on a solitary walk, or discovering the origins of early man on our cave tour – you’ll feel closer to the earth as you get to know this exquisite coastline.

The best beaches in the world

Pick up a shell while on a guided beach tour. Have the waves to yourself as you take a dip at the water’s edge. Or simply lie back and soak up the sun. A visit to our beaches offers you relaxation, inspiration or solitude, depending on how you choose to spend your time.

Based off our reserve and just a short drive away, the beaches nearby are unpopulated and unspoilt. Our guides know all the best spots and will transport you there and back, and we can also provide you with a delicious picnic to enjoy outdoors.

  • Let us pack you umbrellas, beach towels and other accessories.
  • Watch some of the best sunsets you’ve ever seen or enjoy a romantic walk.

Learn and explore

Our guided cave tour along the dramatic limestone cliffs of De Kelders will introduce you to a Stone Age World, when Khoi bushman called these caves home. See how they lived as you visit Klipgat Cave, a World Heritage Site, and snap some breathtakingly beautiful photographs.

This is one of only three places in South Africa where such ancient remains have been found. Learn more about it through engaging commentary from our guides, and get transported back into a forgotten world.

  • Enjoy the fresh sea breeze, with the ocean all around you.
  • Learn more about marine life and spot the rare black oyster catcher, a sea otter and other coastal creatures.

From Our Expert Guides

Clayton Niemand
"Going to the caves is an unforgettable experience, learn how life as I know it came to be from Khoisan"


Tranquil beauty - we enjoyed horseback riding, 4x4 tour, caves, whale watching, the spa and of course the food. There were other activities offered but our kids loved the horses.

Wesley Bewick - Gabon

Magnificent - whale watching is a must, whether from the deck of your room or a coastal walk or by boat.

Nicolette Barnes - South Africa

Amazing few days in glamorous wilderness resort.

Niamh G - United Kingdom

Luxury with nature to enjoy - Home of the "Marine Big 5" and with unparalleled floral diversity.

Chris Devas - Canada

Exceptional place, we enjoyed wonderful sundowners as we watched for whales, flew above the bay to watch whales from the sky and went on a flower safari.

Charlotte Murray - United States

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